Zephyr Appliance Services

Although Zephyr Ventilation has only been a player in the home appliance market since 1997, they have quickly made a name for themselves. Thanks to their close collaborations with world-class designers such as Robert Brunner and Fu-Tung Cheng, Zephyr has transformed range hoods into much more than just practical products. Zephyr’s models are designed to not only provide high performance to keep your kitchen filled with fresh-smelling, smoke-free air, but also to create the unique, customized atmosphere in your kitchen that you have been looking for. Best of all, these appliances are affordable and have proven to be extremely long-lasting.

Repairing your Zephyr Appliance

However, if something should go wrong with the functioning of your Zephyr range hood, look no further than My Appliance Service. Our skilled professionals have been trained in every aspect of returning these luxury range hoods to their full working order. Using only factory-authorized parts, our specialists can usually fix your range hood on the same day you call. Because we know how busy your schedule can be, we also offer weekend appointments. We want nothing less than your complete satisfaction. Let My Appliance Service make your range hood as good as new again.

Technician Certification and Training

All technicians are required to attend and pass training twice a year. During these conferences, not only do our technicians master the repair procedures, they are encouraged to offer suggestions in technological improvement for the manufacturers. This professional relationship helps the manufacturers produce greater products, and helps our customers receive higher quality, longer lasting appliances.

The Smart Solution