Gaffers And Sattler Appliance Services

Back in the 1950s and 1960s, many people were familiar with the Gaffers And Sattler brand of appliances. Specifically, this company made stoves and featured some very eye-catching, futuristic designs. The company’s decorative specialties included backsplashes illuminated by fluorescent lighting, trapezoid oven windows, a profusion of control lights and a concealed extra burner on their automatic models. One of the most noticeable aspects of these stoves was the heavy use of chrome. Since the company’s heyday several decades ago, it has been purchased by MagicChef, and no appliances are currently marketed under its name.

Repairing your Gaffers And Sattler Appliance

If you have a Gaffers And Sattler stove, you now own an antique appliance that may need repairs due to its advanced age and long years of reliable service. The company no longer exists, however our technicians are trained in repair and maintenance for Gaffers and Sattler appliances. Give us a call today and rest assured that a certified repair technician is on his way.

Technician Certification and Training

All technicians are required to attend and pass training twice a year. During these conferences, not only do our technicians master the repair procedures, they are encouraged to offer suggestions in technological improvement for the manufacturers. This professional relationship helps the manufacturers produce greater products, and helps our customers receive higher quality, longer lasting appliances.

The Smart Solution