Dynasty Appliance Services

The Dynasty brand of appliances is also known as Dynasty-Jade as well as Dvorson’s. In particular, the name generally is used to refer to outdoor cooking appliances such as gas grills. and stoves are also very popular. The stoves are stainless steel and can vary in size anywhere from 30 to 60 inches. They sport designer red and blue fronts. Dynasty-Jade cooktops are made exclusively for natural gas, and options such as griddles, woks and char broilers can be purchased at an additional cost. Wall ovens can be purchased in single or double combination or convection units. Today, they are owned by Maytag.

Repairing your Dynasty Appliance

Should you need your Dynasty-Jade cooktop, stove or oven repaired, it is important that you resist the temptation to fix it yourself. Today’s appliances are manufactured with complex technology built in, making it difficult if not impossible for an un-trained consumer, however handy, to make repairs. Our technicians are certified and up to date on the latest manufacturer repair techniques. Give us a call today to get your Dynasty appliance up and running again.

Technician Certification and Training

All technicians are required to attend and pass training twice a year. During these conferences, not only do our technicians master the repair procedures, they are encouraged to offer suggestions in technological improvement for the manufacturers. This professional relationship helps the manufacturers produce greater products, and helps our customers receive higher quality, longer lasting appliances.

The Smart Solution