De'longhi Appliance Services

De’Longhi was founded by the family of the same name over a century ago in Italy. Since then, it has carved a solid reputation for itself in the manufacture of small kitchen appliances. In addition, the company makes an extensive line of high-quality heaters and air conditioners. Some of their most popular products include the Artista Series of espresso machines, the Pinguino portable air conditioner and the De’Longhi gelato maker. Whatever De’Longhi appliance or food preparation machine you buy, you can be sure that it is designed with the ultimate in beauty and functionality in mind.

Repairing your De'longhi Appliance

When appliances are made with such exacting precision, it is all the more important to give them the proper maintenance and repair when the need arises. Attempting to fix your De’Longhi air conditioner or kitchen appliance on your own is not recommended, as these finely-made items function best when repaired by trained professionals using factory-suggested parts and training protocols as we do at My Appliance Service.

Technician Certification and Training

All technicians are required to attend and pass training twice a year. During these conferences, not only do our technicians master the repair procedures, they are encouraged to offer suggestions in technological improvement for the manufacturers. This professional relationship helps the manufacturers produce greater products, and helps our customers receive higher quality, longer lasting appliances.

The Smart Solution