Asko Appliance Services

Asko is the maker of high-end appliances including washing machines, dryers and dishwashers that are imported into the U.S. and targeted toward discerning customers who enjoy beauty and precision just as much as they love high performance. In these environmentally conscious times, Asko appliances remains ahead of the pack, producing some of the world’s finest and most energy-efficient dishwashers and clothes washers, all of which proudly display the Energy Star label. With Asko, you can treat your fine garments to the Active Drum system, which provides supreme gentleness and optimum care.

Repairing your Asko Appliance

Many consumers who possess a moderate amount of skill in home repairs mistakenly believe that they can repair their Asko appliances without the help of a experienced repairer. However, today’s appliances contain complex parts and circuit boards that cannot be put to rights by anyone other than an Asko experienced repair technician. Should you try to fix the appliance yourself and do more damage, the warranty may be voided. Asko provides all of its residential appliances with a two-year limited warranty and requires customers to have the appliance repaired by a company familiar with Asko products. Our Company will service and repair Asko appliances in accordance with manufacturer directions and protocol. As Asko is not an American company, it is important to recognize that the warranty is only valid if the product in question is being used in the country where it was purchased.

Technician Certification and Training

All technicians are required to attend and pass training twice a year. During these conferences, not only do our technicians master the repair procedures, they are encouraged to offer suggestions in technological improvement for the manufacturers. This professional relationship helps the manufacturers produce greater products, and helps our customers receive higher quality, longer lasting appliances.

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