Wine cooler Repair and Maintenance

If you are a lover and collector of fine wines, you know how important it is to keep your prized beverages at the optimal temperature. That is exactly what a wine cooler or wine refrigerator does. These appliances can come in several varieties. If you want to chill a single bottle of white, rosé or a sparkling wine, a small table-top model works well and uses either ice or electricity to chill the wine. You can also cool a single bottle of wine in a glacette, which is basically a double-walled, insulated thermos designed specifically for a wine bottle. Then there are the larger, refrigerator-style models that can cool several bottles at once. Some even have dual compartments that allow you to set two different temperatures.

Repairing your Wine cooler

If your wine cooler fails you risk compromising the taste and quality of your fine wines. Instead of trying to fix your appliance yourself or hoping that it will magically get better on its own, call the repair experts at My Appliance Service. Our local technicians are specially trained in the procedures of returning products such as refrigerators and wine coolers to full working order using only factory-authorized parts. We offer weekend hours as well and can usually see you on the same day you call. We will make sure your wine-chilling device will do its job perfectly once again, guaranteed.

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