Washer Repair and Maintenance

Washer repair

Perhaps one of the most revolutionary appliances of the 20th century was the washing machine. This efficient and time-saving device relies on a complex combination of parts and processes in order to effectively clean your clothes. In recent years, washing machine makers have embraced the technological age by manufacturing digital machines that are equipped with a type of on-board “brain.” Because of these advances, the consumer has the ability to customize many aspects of the machine’s settings. Unfortunately, the downside is that it often requires an expert to make repairs on these “smart” washers. There are times when the user is unable to start the machine because there is a short-circuit in the system’s digital controls. Other more standard difficulties may also occur: The tub might not fill sufficiently or might over-fill; the machine fails to enter the spin cycle; there is a smell of burning; you notice water leakage or weak or nonexistent agitation.

Repairing your Washer

Your washing machine gently agitates, cleans and rinses your clothing week after week, often year after year without the need for repairs. However, when the time comes that something goes wrong with this indispensable household or commercial appliance, entrust it to a professional. At My Appliance Service, our local repair technicians have undergone hours of comprehensive training in the proper protocols for thoroughly and effectively fixing the many things that can go wrong with washing machines of all the major brands. When you call us, you can rest assured that we will quickly make ourselves available to inspect, diagnose, and reapir your washing machine.

Every job we do comes with a full warranty, and your total satisfaction is guaranteed. At My Appliance Service, we know how important your washing machine is to the smooth running of your household. We can usually come on the same day you call, and we also offer weekend service for your convenience.

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