Vacuum Repair and Maintenance

The electric vacuum cleaner has only been in existence for around a century, but isn’t it almost impossible to imagine life without it? Using the basic power of suction, this machine has transformed cleaning up the debris on floors and rugs from a grueling chore into a task that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. Simple in its design, the vacuum cleaner only contains six parts: an intake port, an exhaust port, a fan, an electric motor, a bag and a metal housing that encases all of these other components.Here is what happens once you plug in your vacuum cleaner: The electrical current operates the motor, which is attached to the fan, whose blades resemble an airplane propeller. Once the blades begin to turn, air is forced toward the machine’s exhaust port. As this occurs, the air pressure decreases behind the fan and rises in front of it. Once the pressure behind the fan drops below the level outside the vacuum cleaner, the sucking action is initiated. Air then pushes into the vacuum through its intake port and maintains a constant stream through the appliance and out of the exhaust port. Meanwhile, the brushes on the bottom of the vacuum rotate, dislodging dirt and debris from the floor. This detritus is then carried on the stream of moving air into the machine. Eventually, the dirt-laden air encounters the porous vacuum cleaner bag, which acts as a filter that traps the dirt particles. If your vacuum cleaner is a canister model, the bag is probably located near the intake tube; in uprights, the bag is usually just in front of the exhaust port.

Repairing your Vacuum

Although vacuum cleaners come in a variety of designs and suction capacities, there are several commonly experienced problems that you may eventually encounter regardless of brand or appearance. Your vacuum’s suction power might diminish; it might begin to seem more and more difficult to push. More concerning, you may start to find that your vacuum cleaner’s motor is not working properly or that one of the belts used in the machine’s operation has broken. All of these issues are symptoms that will only get worse over time if they are not correctly addressed. Attempting to correct these problems yourself is not advised, particularly if the performance of the motor is in question. It is far better to consult a professional repairer such as My Appliance Service.

Walk In Repair Service

At My Appliance Service, we are committed to ensuring that your Samsung vacuum cleaner is brought back to its maximum level of performance. Just bring your appliance (Samsung only, please) into our friendly location at:

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Using only factory-authorized parts and protocols and usually on the same day, we commit to furnishing you with excellent, Samsung-authorized repairs that are fully warranted. Think of us as the only Samsung vacuum repair shop you will ever need. Contact us today; you’ll be glad you did.

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