Trash compactor Repair and Maintenance

As the name suggests, a trash compactor is an appliance that compresses trash, thus reducing the amount of garbage that must be put outside for removal each week. At first glance, a compactor looks like a regular trash can. However, if you could see its inner workings, you would realize that it is equipped with a motor and a press. When you turn on the motor, the press lowers and begins to crush and squeeze the trash, thus causing it to take up much less space. The compactor uses its own plastic or paper bags to hold the garbage once that process has taken place. Removal of the bags is quick and easy, making a trash compactor an indispensable space-saver for your home or commercial kitchen.

Repairing your Trash compactor

There are a few common issues that can befall trash compactors. Sometimes they stop working altogether. Also, you might find that you are unable to open the door, which appears to be jammed for reasons you cannot explain. Your unit might also become smelly if you have not kept all of its parts clean.

Repairing a trash compactor is something that is best left to the professionals since it often involves inspecting and making corrections in the machine’s motor system. If you are having difficulties with your compactor, look no further than My Appliance Service. Our professionals are fully trained in all aspects of trash compactor repair, including diagnosing and correcting the problem using only factory-authorized parts and protocols. If you believe your appliance is not running as it should, don’t wait until your trash becomes unmanageable. Call My Appliance Service, and we can usually send one of our local technicians to your home or place of business on the same day.

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