Stove Repair and Maintenance

Stove repair

Your stove is one of the most important items in your home. Each day, you rely on it to aid you in preparing delicious, nutritious meals. Stoves come in two basic types: gas and electric. Gas stoves are fueled by a gas supply that is fed to the appliance via a series of pipes. When you turn on a burner on your stove, gas travels through these pipes, mixing with air. Halfway down the pipes, there is a small branching off where the pilot light is located. This light is always lit, and gas ignites when it encounters it. The flaming gas then travels the rest of the way to the main line and eventually to the burner where it creates a constant, easily regulated flame.

As their name implies, electric stoves are powered by electricity. Each burner is connected to an electrical heating element that is connected to a power source. Unlike gas stoves, the burners can reach the desired temperature almost immediately.

Repairing your Stove

Whether your stove is powered by gas or electricity, it may cease to function properly at some point. Usually the source of the problem lies in the connections to the heating elements. Because ascertaining the exact nature of the defect requires working with either flammable gas or dangerous electricity, this is not a job for a layperson. Instead, you should contact a licensed professional repair company to safely and thoroughly fix your stove.

At My Appliance Service, you can rest assured that the local technician who visits you, usually on the same day you call, will be fully trained and certified in the repair of your stove’s brand. After a thorough inspection of your appliance, the repairer will use only factory-authorized parts and protocols to return your stove to full working order. Our work is fully warranteed, and we even offer service on weekends for your convenience. We will make your oven a priority and ensure that it is working safely, guaranteed. Call us today, and you will be cooking again before you know it.

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