Refrigerator Repair and Maintenance

Refrigerator repair

Refrigerators come in a number of different styles to suit the varying needs of discerning customers. They can be side-by-side, built-in, bottom mount, top and bottom, under-the-counter or French-door. While each style answers different needs and preferences, all refrigerators have several things in common. All modern units use a gas called tetrafluoroethane (also known as HFC-134a) to make the cooling process possible. A motor and compressor in your fridge squeezes the HFC-134, compressing, heating and pressurizing it. As the gas passes through the refrigerator’s coils, it cools and changes into liquid form and flows into a low-pressure area. Once it does, it boils and transforms once again into a gas. Throughout the fridge and freezer, the colder liquid that is contained in the coils draws out the heat. Finally, the compressor sucks up the gas, and the entire process repeats.

Repairing your Refrigerator

There are any number of problems that can befall your refrigerator. It might no longer adequately cool even if the temperature is set low. The compressor could become excessively noisy. Water might leak from the unit. The ice maker or water dispenser might cease to operate or could leak. Because there is such a variety of potential repair issues that your appliance could be experiencing and because it is important to use only factory-authorized parts designated for your brand and model, you should not attempt to fix your refrigerator on your own.

Instead, contact the refrigerator experts at My Appliance Service. Our local technicians are specifically trained to meet the exacting standards of all the major brands. We use only factory-authorized parts, and we fully warranty every job we do. We understand that keeping your food cold is not a luxury; it is a matter of health and well-being for you and your family. For that reason, our repairers are available, usually on the same day you call as well as on weekends. Getting your appliance up and running at peak performance is our highest priority.

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