Range Repair and Maintenance

Range repair

Your gas range may seem complicated, but it is actually quite simple. It is, for all intents and purposes, a cooktop placed above an oven, with the two sharing the same power and gas supply. Your range has an ignition system that starts the appliance and enables its burners to become heated. The two main types of ignition systems are spark and glow-bar. The former uses a module to create a spark that ignites the pilot light. The pilot is actually a very small gas flame that stays on all the time. When you turn on your stove’s thermostat, the flame enlarges and encircles the stove’s thermocouple valve located on the safety valve. Once the valve senses that the heat level is high enough, the safety valve opens and gas flows to ignite the burner. Once this happens, you can begin cooking.

The glow bar ignition system is currently the most popular and can be found on the majority of modern ovens. With this ignition system, power is sent to the igniter and gas valve circuit via the thermostat. Once sufficient current has been drawn, the oven valve opens and lets gas flow to the burner. The burner is then ignited by the heated glow-bar. Power flows continuously until a flame is created; then the appliance cycles on and off to maintain the temperature you have set.

Repairing your Range

As you might imagine, problems can arise in the ignition system of your oven, making cooking impossible and even dangerous. You may find that you cannot light your pilot after it has gone out. Alternatively, the pilot may be lit but the burner will not ignite. Another thing that can happen is that the pilot fails to get bigger after you turn on the thermostat. If you have a glow-bar ignition system, you might find that the stove or oven burners are not heating sufficiently. Another issue that sometimes occurs is that you smell an odor of gas that does not quickly dissipate.

When it comes to repairing your gas range, don’t try to do it without help from a professional. Since this appliance is fueled by gas, it is crucial that you don’t put your health or that of your family at risk. Instead, call the experts at My Appliance Service. Our local technicians can thoroughly diagnose and repair any and all issues that can arise with your gas range, using only factory-authorized parts. Our work is fully warranteed, and we can even make weekend visits if necessary. Call us today and you will be cooking on your gas range before you know it.

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