Oven Repair and Maintenance

Oven repair

Your oven is the centerpiece of your kitchen that allows you to safely and efficiently prepare all manner of food items. In general, ovens are fueled either by electricity or gas. An electric oven uses two sets of coils inside the unit that heat up via electricity. The bottom coil bakes foods; the top one broils them. An internal thermostat is activated when you turn the temperature dial, and a copper wire near the cooking surface regulates the thermostat. Instead of using an electrical coil, a gas oven uses a flame to heat the food. A burner in the bottom of the appliance is activated when you turn the temperature dial, and there is a copper wire that acts as a temperature gauge. When the temperature reaches the desired heat, the burner turns off and re-ignites when the temperature drops. Many gas ovens also have a thermostat on the top for broiling purposes. The majority of modern gas and electric ovens also have a self-cleaning feature that turns the top and bottom thermostats to the maximum level, allowing for debris in the oven to be burned off.

Repairing your Oven

Repairing an oven is not a project for the weekend warrior or inexperienced consumer. Most of the issues with these appliances have to do with the gas or electricity that make them run. Therefore, they should be handled by professionals who are certified and licensed in these areas. At My Appliance Repair, all of our technicians have received top-level training in the safe and effective repair of every major brands of ovens. Usually on the same day you call, we will visit your home and thoroughly diagnose the source of your appliance’s problems. Whether it is failing to ignite or is not heating your food properly, we will get to the bottom of the issue and will fully repair it in a timely manner. All of our work is fully warranteed, and we even offer weekend hours. At My Appliance Service, we understand that food preparation is not a luxury; it is a necessity, and that’s why we will give your oven repair the top priority it deserves.

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