Ice Machine Repair and Maintenance

Ice, once so prized that entire cellars were built for its storage and people had to pay hefty prices to have it delivered in huge blocks to their homes, is now readily available to most of us at the push of a button through your refrigerator’s ice maker or a commercial ice generating machine. From the most humble fridge unit to massive commercial machines that make over 18 kg of cubes a day, ice makers are definitely here to stay and have become a staple of modern life.

Repairing your Ice Machine

Because they have become so essential, you will quickly notice the absence of your handy ice maker if something goes wrong. In fact, these devices are relatively simple ice-generating assembly lines that work through the use of an electric motor, an electric water valve and a heating unit. Your ice maker must be connected to your fridge’s power source as well as your home’s water line. Via an electric signal, the water valve is opened for a few seconds, releasing water into an ice mold where the cubes are formed. After the water has been cooled to a specific temperature by the refrigerator, the thermostat closes a switch that allows heat to flow into a coil under the ice maker, warming the cubes and loosening them. Then, an electrical circuit turns on the ice maker’s motor. The motor spins a gear that rotates another gear that is connected to a plastic bladed shaft. When the blade turns, it scoops the cubes out of the mold and pushes them toward the front of the ice maker where there is a collection bin. A mechanism within the machine prevents over-manufacturing of ice cubes.

The most common problems that befall ice makers are the following: low water flow to the ice machine, leaking, failure to make ice and noisy operation. Because refrigerators are no longer as simple as they once were, it is not recommended that consumers attempt to fix their ice makers on their own. Instead, contact the pros at My Appliance Service. Our local professionals can diagnose and remedy your ice maker’s issue, usually on the same day you call, and we fully warranty all of our work. We even offer weekend hours for your convenience because we understand that ice isn’t a luxury; it can often be a necessity. Whether you use it for your daily green smoothie or are planning a party, you need to be able to count on your ice maker to reliably deliver the cubes. Call us today, and we’ll get your machine up and running again.

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