Hood Repair and Maintenance

Hood repair

An exhaust or range hood can act as a beautiful and decorative accent to your kitchen. In fact, recent culinary trends have made this once humble appliance into a veritable showpiece in your kitchen. However, it also performs other important, more practical functions. Hanging above your stove or cooktop, it contains a fan that assists in the removal of odors, fumes, combustion products, airborne grease and steam. Thanks to your exhaust hood, your kitchen can be a clean and fresh place for yourself and your family.

Repairing your Hood

That’s why you will definitely notice the difference if problems begin to occur with the operations of your exhaust hood. There are several potential issues that can befall your range hood. The motor might begin to hum in an annoying fashion. The lights could stop working properly. The fan or light may have ceased working altogether, or the downdraft vent might no longer go up or stay up or down. Don’t subject those you love to smelly fumes and smoke that could compromise your health if this appliance is not working properly.

Instead, contact the experts at My Appliance Service. Our local technicians will quickly diagnose the problem, usually on the same day you call. All repairs will be made with factory-approved parts, and our work is fully warranteed. We even offer weekend hours since these malfunctions often occur at the most inconvenient times. Call us today, and we’ll get you back in your clean, fresh-smelling kitchen as soon as possible.

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