Freezer Repair and Maintenance

Freezers have become an indispensable part of modern culture throughout the world. Thanks to them, we are able to preserve food for months and transport perishable items over great distances.

Interestingly, freezers do not work by making your food cold; in fact, they use evaporation to remove the heat. In order to do this, they use either Freon or pure ammonia as refrigerants. In addition, all freezers have a compressor, an expansion valve, a thermostat and coils. Your freezer works like this: The refrigerant gas goes into the compressor where it is compressed and thereby heated. As the hot gas passes through the freezer’s coils, it cools and turns into a liquid. The liquid is forced into an expansion valve and filtered through a small opening in the form of cold mist. The mist then passes through more coils, begins to evaporate and returns to gas form. As this happens, the evaporating mist takes the heat with it. This process repeats until no more heat is left in the freezer and your food is frozen. The thermostat regulates when the compressor turns on to maintain the status of the food.

Repairing your Freezer

It is the thermostat that can be the cause of many freezer problems. If it isn’t working properly, the freezer may run constantly or, alternatively, not turn on at all. Another more rare but extremely dangerous difficulty that freezers can have involves leakage of the refrigerant. This is a very serious problem that requires immediate professional attention.

Because you have a lot invested in your freezer and the foods it is storing, it is best to entrust any and all repairs to a licensed professional. At My Appliance Service, our highly trained local repairers can expertly bring your freezer back to full working order, often on the same day you call. We use only factory-authorized parts and warranty every job we do. When you work with My Appliance Service, you can be sure that we will do the job, and do it right the first time. If your freezer isn’t working properly, call us right away. You’ll be glad you did.

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