Dryer Repair and Maintenance

Dryer repair

Nearly everyone in the United States either owns a clothes dryer or has access to one at a Laundromat. A close examination reveals that clothes dryers are very simple devices. In fact, they consist of three components: a tumbler that rotates the wet clothes, a gas- or electric-powered heater and an exhaust vent. Simply put, you place your clothes in the rotating drum where they are spun and heated. The hot steam from your clothes passes out of the dryer’s exhaust vent and eventually is released to the outdoors where it is dispersed. Clothes dryers have a number of customizable settings that can enable you to get the moisture out of your clothing for varying times and at specific temperatures.

Repairing your Dryer

As uncomplicated as the parts of a clothes dryer are, issues with your appliance will inevitably arise at some point. The drum might spin without difficulty but there is no heat. Alternatively, the motor might be running but the drum refuses to spin. The dryer might be getting too hot, or perhaps the machine is not running at all. Regardless of which difficulty you are having, the machine will most likely need to be disassembled and examined fully before a repair can be made. Furthermore, certain issues, particularly an overheated dryer, can pose a serious fire hazard. Both for reasons of convenience and safety, it is best not to attempt to repair your dryer yourself.

Instead, contact the professionals at My Appliance Service. Whether your appliance is powered by gas or electricity, our expert professionals have the training and the factory-authorized parts to repair all major dryer brands. With all of our work, you will receive a full warranty, and in most cases we can fix your appliance on the same day you call. We even offer weekend hours for your convenience. At My Appliance Service, we know that being without your dryer can be a major inconvenience. Call us today, and we will have your appliance up and running in short order.

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