Dishwasher Repair and Maintenance

Dishwasher repair

Your dishwasher is an amazing piece of machinery. In fact, it is basically a robot that performs several tasks without your help. Of course, you need to add detergent and set the appropriate cycles, but your machine then takes it from there. It adds and heats water, dispenses detergent at the right time, cleans your dishes by shooting hot water through jets, drains the dirty water, rinses your dishes with clean water, does a final draining and then heats the air to dry your dishes. Also behind the scenes is a mechanism that regulates the timing of each of the dishwasher’s cycles. Sensors regulate the temperature and keep the water levels from getting too high.

Although your dishwasher is not particularly complex as appliances go, it does have enough separate functions that make it possible for problems to arise. These may include water leaks, clogged garbage disposal drain lines, a malfunctioning door that will not close properly and failure to run when you try to turn the appliance on.

Repairing your Dishwasher

Because you have come to rely heavily on your dishwasher, your life can become much more stressful if it stops working and your dishes begin to pile up. Instead of trying to repair the dishwasher yourself and risking water damage or a voided warranty, entrust your broken dishwasher to the experts at My Appliance Service. Our specially trained local technicians will fully warranty all of their work and can usually do your repair on the same day you call using only factory-authorized parts. Before you know it, your trusty dishwasher will be up and running again just like new.

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