Cooktop Repair and Maintenance

Cooktop repair

Your cooktop, also known as a stove or range, is an integral part of your kitchen. Gas cooktops have unsealed gas burners, and electric ones have coil or euro burners. More modern units often feature a totally smooth cooking surface.

Because your cooktop is an appliance you use virtually every day, you cannot afford to be without it for long should it begin to malfunction. There are several issues that frequently interfere with the smooth operation of a cooktop, whether it is gas-powered or electric. Most of them have to do with the heating element. The switch that controls the heating element may no longer work properly. Conversely, the surface element may remain on high even when you attempt to turn it off. It may also get warm but never reach the optimal temperature. Sometimes, you may be getting no heat into your burners, yet your lights and clock still work. Any or all of these situations could make cooking difficult and may actually be safety hazards.

Repairing your Cooktop

Short circuits and faulty wiring are not situations to leave to the amateurs. Your safety and that of your family are important, and that is why you need to entrust the full repair of your cooktop to a local professional technician from My Appliance Service. Usually on the same day you call, one of our professional staff members will come to your home, diagnose the problem with your cooktop and repair it using only factory-authorized parts and techniques. You will receive a full warranty with our work, and we are available even on weekends. That’s because we understand that safe food preparation is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

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