BBQ Repair and Maintenance

BBQ repair

While there are many ways to cook meat, a BBQ is one of the best ways to make beef, pork and fish delicious. Barbecuing can be done on several different appliances depending on the type of cooking you are doing. Smoking takes place at lower temperatures and for longer periods of time, generally about 240 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours. Baking uses an oven to cook meats and starches at moderate temperatures for about an hour or slightly more. Brazing involves charbroiling meat on direct heat combined with moisture from a broth-filled pot at varying cooking speeds for several hours. Finally, grilling involves cooking meat at higher temperatures over direct dry heat. A grill can be fueled by electricity, charcoal, propane, wood or natural gas, and food preparation can be done in a matter of minutes.

Repairing your BBQ

When something goes wrong with your BBQ, it is important to pay attention to the symptoms of the problem and get it fixed right away. Failure to ignite, for instance, could signal dangerous problems that are often beyond a layperson’s ability to repair.

Bring your BBQ back to full working order with the help of one of the expertly trained professionals from My Appliances Service. Usually on the same day you call, our local technicians will diagnose the nature of the problem and repair your BBQ using only factory-authorized parts and techniques. Every job we do has our full warranty and the assurance that you can trust the thoroughness and safety of our repairs. Don’t let a broken BBQ stop you from enjoying outdoor fun with family and friends. Call My Appliance Service today, and you will soon be smoking, baking, brazing or grilling once again.

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