Ultra Luxurious Kitchens We Admire

Ultra Luxurious Kitchens We Admire
To some, the kitchen is just another room in the house, to others it’s a gathering place, and while the kitchen may be separated and closed off from the rest of the house, many kitchens are part of an open-floor-plan. Either way, a kitchen shouldn’t break the design of a house full of tasteful furniture and delightful decor. Appliances should blend well, maybe so well, they aren’t even recognized as typical appliances.
Many designers are beginning to create unique looking appliances to replace standard stainless steel or regular white and black ones. For example Chicago designer Mick de Giulio created this Asian inspired refrigerator to blend with a household of Asian inspired decor. The beautiful butternut colored fridge features handles made of hand-hammered medallions and four freezer drawers hidden away by fake curio-cabinet drawer panels.
De Giulio specializes in creating ultra-luxe kitchen appliances and spaces. His work can be found here degiulio.org. Designing a kitchen or simply picking out the perfect appliance to go with your styles and taste is a lot of work, and here at Allen & Sons we know that. That’s why we’re here to cater to your every need if one of your appliances breaks down or isn’t working properly.
The refrigerator disguise was first seen @atticmag.com

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