Transforming Ovens: Coming To A Kitchen Near You

0d81b3013756ec40775bbb7462c68050Ovens aren’t the most exciting household appliance. Sure, they produce delicious food – and even warm up the house at times – but they’re relatively unexciting, design-wise.

Since their creation, ovens have feature a simple door and internal racks. But now, you can own an oven that looks like it’s straight out of a spy movie.

Italian appliance maker Fulgor has created an oven that does much more than cook food. Their appliance sits inside your kitchen counter. Whenever you need to use the oven, you simply push a button – causing the oven rises up from below.

Once the Fulgor oven rises, it looks nothing like its current counterparts. A metal frame carrying three cooking racks appears on your counter. You then place your food onto these racks and send the racks back inside the counter with another push of the button.

This groundbreaking oven might revolutionize kitchen design. It allows for more counter space, or even wall space for those who currently have built-in ovens. However, there is one drawback. Cooks will no longer be able to watch their meals cook through a little window.

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