Tide Detergent Is A Hot Black Market Item

PrintTide laundry detergent is one of the most popular cleaning products on store shelves. It’s also a very popular item on the black market.

It’s no joke – Tide is one of the most shoplifted items in the country according to the National Retail Federation. But why are thieves targeting Tide?

It turns out that Tide’s effectiveness at cleaning laundry is exactly what makes it a hot commodity for shoplifters. Tide is known for its bright orange bottles and excellent reputation – meaning even people on the streets want Tide over any other laundry detergent. Unfortunately, it’s this “brand street cred” that leads thieves to trade bottles of Tide for drugs.

Interestingly, when asked about the Tide bottles disappearing from shelves across the U.S., manufacturer Procter and Gamble didn’t seem concerned. Sundar Raman, the company’s marketing director, argues that the shoplifting simply proves Tide is a valuable brand.

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