Your Refrigerator Never Sounded This Good

  Here is a clever refrigerator design that is sure to inspire the rock star in you. Marshall, a company known for their killer guitar amps, has put out a refrigerator disguised as an amp. This pho-amp refrigerator is the perfect touch for any man-cave. It would have been extra crafty if Marshall had made … Read more

Energy Consuming Igloo

When you think of an igloo, what kind of things come to mind? Blocks of ice, snow, cold weather, eskimos maybe – but never refrigerators! German artist Ralf Schmerberg built an igloo made entirely of old discarded refrigerators in the middle of Hamburg, Germany. He used a total of 322 refrigerators which he connected to … Read more

The Hans Solo Refrigerator

The one thing we all strive for is simplicity. We look high and low for a way to make things as simple as it can get. Apple Computer is a master at boiling things down to there simplest state. Here’s a fridge that makes storing your food as easy as it’s going to get. Designed … Read more

Very Cool: Butterfly Dishwasher

Wave goodbye to the grueling task of restocking your shelves when dishes are clean. Lithuanian inventor Toma Brundzaite has created a wall mounted dishwasher that also suffices as shelves to store clean dishes. But a sleek design and space saving qualities isn’t what makes this dishwasher so cool. The Electrolux Bifoliate Double Dishwasher uses ultrasonic … Read more

Refrigerators for the Planet

Want to see a refrigerator that gives the ability to ever person to own on. The The need for the storage of vaccine led Adam Grosser to create this refrigerator that gives the ability for every person to own a fridge. Important because decease spreads when food is not appropriately kept. There are 1.6 billion … Read more