Ultra Luxurious Kitchens We Admire

To some, the kitchen is just another room in the house, to others it’s a gathering place, and while the kitchen may be separated and closed off from the rest of the house, many kitchens are part of an open-floor-plan. Either way, a kitchen shouldn’t break the design of a house full of tasteful furniture … Read more

Stove on the Move

This stove will speak to the mobile chef in you. Now, not only can you eat your meal in front of the TV but you can cook it there too. Yah, that’s right. A new cooking “trolly” called Coox makes it possible to wheel your portable cooking stove around with you wherever you go. Coox is … Read more

The washing machine powered by you

If your washing machine or dryer brakes down you might have to resort to this: a peddle-powered washing machine. On the posivtie side is the health benefits – you get a great work out each time you wash your cloths. On the side of irony, washing your clothes means more dirty clothes to wash. This … Read more

Cool: Floating Washer

A common trend amongst up and coming appliances seems to be either eco-friendly or energy efficiency. Here’s a new washing machine that uses neither water nor soap to clean your dirty laundry, and it’s silent. The Orbit, created by Electrolux, uses dry ice. The large ring on the outside is filled with batteries which conduct … Read more