The Intimacy of Your Fridge


As a photographer traveling around the world, Stephanie de Rouge became fascinated by big cities. She wondered how exactly people in these big cities kept their sense of self, how they maintained intimacy when their surroundings were so invasive and exciting, and sometimes even hostile. She began photographing people in their most intimate surroundings (or so … Read more

For All The Wine Collectors

If you know anything about wines, you’ll know that they must be kept and preserved at certain temperatures and in a certain manner. EuroCave Comfort 101 makes it easy to ensure your wine collection stays in fresh, great condition no matter where you store your wine. The cabinet recreates the conditions of a wine cellar … Read more

Wood-Burning Stoves: Useful or Just for Decor?

Indoor wood-burning stoves are making a comeback, not so much for their utilitarian heating purposes, but more as an element of design. Either way, we love the way the wood-burning stove looks in homes whether it be only for looks or to serve an actual purpose. For those of you that are in the dark … Read more