Thank You Whirlpool – Incredible Green Kitchen

We’ve seen countless appliances that aim at providing an eco friendly, energy efficient product but we’ve never seen one like this. Whirlpool is at it again, this time with their incredible Green Kitchen. Designed and developed in Europe, Green Kitchen aims to adapt, reduce, and recylce. The nature inspired, top of the line kitchen offers … Read more

A Dishwasher We Look Forward To Using

Washing dishes isn’t something we do because it makes us happy, and it certainly isn’t something we look forward to. That’s why Electrolux has designed two new concepts for dishwashing that we’re excited to try out because they might just change the way we feel about dishwashing. The first dishwasher is actually built into your … Read more

Designs for Washer and Driers

Here at Allen & Sons we celebrate and envy well built appliances. One of the things we enjoy most about fixing your broken appliances is seeing how creative people have become. We’ve seen it all, from retro inspired refrigerators to fridge frames, chalkboard painted appliances and purple washer and driers. Unfortunately laundry is inevitable, and … Read more

Back to the Future… in a Refrigerator

It has been over 20 years since Steven Spielberg has shaken the world with his DeLorean Time Machine. Imagine how shocking it was for me to find out that the car was not even the original time transportation device considered by the movie makers! As I have learned just yesterday, the actual idea was to … Read more

Is that a Spy in your Refrigerator?

It’s not hard to see that the world has gone digital. We are always wired to connect to… everything. From our cell phones, computers, cars, scales that we weigh ourselves with, wrist bands and shoes from nike, to yes you guessed it… our house-hold appliances. Now our refrigerators, stoves, heating and air conditioning systems, washing … Read more

No More Stolen Food or Wasted Space

Here’s a whole new take to refrigeration we haven’t seen before. It’s perfect for those of you that live with roommates, or families in which you have to label certain food item with your name and, “Mine! Don’t eat!!” written all over it. Electrolux is calling this creation NFridge. It is an eco-friendly, modular compartment … Read more

Calling All Outdoorsmen and Women

I recently returned home from a camping trip and boy was I happy when I walked back into my kitchen full of sparkling appliances. I love the great outdoors but there are definitely things I miss when I’m away from home. With a camping season coming up, I began searching for a new, more efficient … Read more

When Clothing Meets Kitchen

What do you get when you combine iconic clothing with a kitchen environment? You get Johnny Cupcakes, an incredibly successful iconic clothing brand with an incredibly unique store design. The Johnny Cupcake brand originally started as a joke amongst friends and later became a well known product in high demand. When Johnny Earle, the founder … Read more

Katrina Refrigerators

During the time Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, residents where asked to evacuate the area for several weeks while local government re-established basic infrastructure (electricity, water, etc.) to the city. Some residents emptied their refrigerators, while most did not. When they returned to their homes more than a month later, residents found their refrigerators filled … Read more

Refrigeration… Minus the Refrigerator

Korean designer Jihyun Ryou has taken a deep delve into the history and art of refrigeration. With adequate research she discovered a way to refrigerate food without the use of an actual refrigerator. Why might she want to do this? Aside from the eco-friendly benefits, the constant question in her mind was how people used … Read more