Real Life Jetson Appliances – Part 1

As kids we all enjoyed watching the Jetsons on saturday mornings, dazzled by how cool their hi-tech world was. As adults, we can now be a part of the Jetson life style with these awesome new appliances. Smart Fridge Writing list after list can become quite a hassle and a waste of paper. No worries … Read more

How To Get Rid of That Stinky Smell

There’s nothing I hate more than when I go to warm up a piece of leftover apple pie and as soon as I open the microwave, I’m hit with the smell of salmon, mixed with greasy pizza. It doesn’t make sense to me why my microwave smells so disgusting, when it’s sparkling clean! Well boy … Read more

A Little TLC for Your Glass Stovetops

Most cooktops you find now are made of glass, which means they need to be cleaned differently from the older models we’re used to that are cleaned part by part. This helpful video takes you through the process of how to remove tough stains from a glass stovetop. You will see different techniques to remove … Read more

No More Scrubbing Your Stove!

Wave goodbye to time wasted cleaning and scrubbing your stove top. Now you don’t have to labor over your stove to get a sparkling clean result and we love the sound of that. These non-stick liners, also known as Gas Hob Protectors, simply slide right over your gas hob to keep your surfaces clean and … Read more