GE And Whirlpool Head To Court

The world of home appliances is about to get ugly as two of the top appliance makers go head to head in court. Last week, GE filed a lawsuit against Whirlpool Corporation and several of its affiliates. GE claims the company has participated in price fixing, particularly on compressor regulators for refrigerators. In the suit, … Read more

Oprah Has Big Impact On Home Appliance Sales

Oprah has long been the queen of television – but it appears she rules when it comes to persuading shoppers too. Known for influencing millions of Americans, Oprah often recommends products to her audience and fans. Recently, one of Oprah’s recommendations caused skyrocketing sales for a home appliance company. Recently, Oprah took to Twitter to … Read more

How To Avoid Kitchen Design Problems

Renovating your kitchen takes a lot of work, from planning appliance placement to picking the final details. With so much to think about, it’s no surprise that remodeling mistakes happen – and they happen fairly often. Here are a few tips to help you avoid any crazy kitchen re-do mishaps: 1. Don’t try to squeeze … Read more

New Oven Takes Instructions From Android Phones

The latest “Smart Oven” released by Samsung breaks new ground when it comes to combining technology and home appliances. Though the public has been a bit slow to accept appliances that connect with home WiFi systems, cell phones, or even apps, it seems Samsung has figured out how to appeal to the masses. The company’s … Read more

Seattle Womans Turns Appliances Into Artwork

If you’ve ever wished kitchen appliances were more fun than functional, you’re not alone. Nicole Dinardo, a Snohomish, WA artist, is livening up kitchen counters throughout the U.S. with her unique, customized appliances. Dianardo’s colorful KitchenAid mixers have become a hit among celebrities and celebrity chefs. “I just did one for Rachel Ray. I did … Read more

Appliance Manufacturers Go To War Over Smart Ovens

Think your new oven is pretty “smart”? As ovens and other kitchen appliances become increasingly tech savvy, the use of the term “smart” is growing in use. But when it comes to naming ovens, appliance makers want to keep “smart” all to themselves. Three different companies have been using variations of the term “Smart Oven” … Read more

LG Releases New Steam Washing Machine

In the past few years, washing machines have stepped up their cleaning abilities. Where old models simply laundered clothes in varying temperatures of water, today’s laundry appliances can almost do it all. LG has taken laundry to a new level with its latest washer. The appliance is the first of its kind – not only … Read more

President Obama Asks America To Reduce Energy Usage

In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama issued a challenge to America: cut home energy waste in half. With home appliances eating up so much energy, it can seem challenging at first to cut back on energy usage. Follow these 5 quick tips to cut down on your energy waste: 1. Plug … Read more

Samsung And SodaStream Team Up With New Fridge

Have you ever wanted a refrigerator that dispenses soda? Thanks to a new partnership between Samsung and SodaStream, it’s now a possibility. Samsung, a home appliance manufacturer known for its technologically advanced devices, decided to join forces with the soda appliance company and offer homeowners the best of both worlds. SodaStream revolutionized the practice of … Read more

Electrolux Ranks On Sustainability Lists

Electrolux has recently been honored for its “green” products and business practices. The home appliance manufacturer was included in the Global 100 list of the world’s most sustainable companies. Electrolux made the list for the first time in 8 years. For the second year in a row, the company was named the Durable Household Products … Read more