The Refrigerator Couch: One Chill Seat

Canadian designer Adrian Johnson has taken creativity to a whole new level with his Fridge Couch, a combination of retro refrigerators and rescued junkyard car seats. His mission was to “go where recycling hasn’t gone before,” and that’s certainly something he accomplished with this. Looking to create something special for his wedding reception, his inspiration … Read more

The King of Refrigerators

Wave goodbye to your last minute beer runs, now there’s no need to go to the store to get your beer, ever. You can get fresh, cold, draft beer straight from your refrigerator thanks to Northstar System. Northstar is best known as a top selling producer of cool retro refrigerators, but with a new draft … Read more

P-7 Oven with a side of Peacheesy Pie

We love this ad for the 1964 G.E. P-7 Oven, not only because we love appliances, but because the ad itself tells us so much about the oven’s history. General Electrics had been the official Bake-Off range for the Pillsbury Bake-Off, an annual competition run by the Pillsbury Company. The Bake-Off, which started in 1949, … Read more

Luxurious French Stove

While flipping through an issue of Williams-Sonoma, I came across a beautiful and unique looking stove. Intrigued by it’s design, I began researching to find out where I could buy one for the original price. I found the stove was designed by La Cornue, a French company that focuses on producing top of the line, … Read more

Vintage Ad For Appliances We Love

Check out these excerpts from an 1940’s owner’s manual for a General Electric Refrigerator. First off, we love that it’s vintage because lots of appliances that we repair have a history. Secondly, we love that it hints how to organize your refrigerator in a way that fits everything you possibly need, from frozen foods, to … Read more

Organizational Tips for Your Fridge

Mark this one down as some refrigerator advice that is the farthest thing from repairing a broken appliance. This post is on organization and keeping your refrigerator neat and organized. I have found that keeping a clean and organized refrigerator helps with overcrowding the space and ultimately eating the food that I purchased before the … Read more

Rainy Day Turned Remodeling Day

Here at Allen & Sons we’re constantly seeing new homes and new appliances. It’s always cool when we see something totally different, like this woman’s dishwasher. She had originally been inspired to produce a vintage look by Chris at Just Beachy. She took it upon herself to start this remodeling projects after being couped up … Read more

Refrigerator Frames

Because pictures are worth 1000  words, I believe pictures should decorate a well loved home. They bring back good memories and tell stories about our lives. I’m sure most of you probably have some sort of picture either taped onto your fridge or held up by a magnet. We see all kinds of wonderfully decorated refrigerators … Read more