President Obama Asks America To Reduce Energy Usage

In his State of the Union address last week, President Obama issued a challenge to America: cut home energy waste in half. With home appliances eating up so much energy, it can seem challenging at first to cut back on energy usage. Follow these 5 quick tips to cut down on your energy waste: 1. Plug … Read more

The Best Of The Best Wine Chillers

Wine chillers and refrigerators have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Now, kitchens everywhere have special under-the-counter coolers designed for wine and over beverages. When it comes to buying a wine chiller, though, what makes some better than others? Consumer Reports has put together a list of the top five wine chillers. So … Read more

New Real Estate Ads Put Focus On Toilets

Next time you scan the real estate section of your local newspaper, you might notice an unusual new trend: toilet touting. Real estate agents have always needed a bit of creativity to attract potential buyers. Traditionally, their listings praised views and lighting or closets and kitchens. But now, toilets are stealing the show. Big toilet … Read more

LG Introduces Speedy Cleaning Oven

Admit it: cleaning your oven is a huge pain. Tackling a dirty oven is one of the most loathed chores in America. In fact, most households admit to only cleaning their oven once or twice throughout its lifetime. LG has come up with a solution. At last week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the … Read more

Tide Targets Men With New Detergent Ads

Laundry detergent commercials are a familiar sight. Often, they feature friendly mothers battling tough stains on clothing covered in grass stains and mud. Yet the next time you watch television, you might be surprised to see men in laundry commercials. This year, Tide is taking a new approach to marketing their detergent. For the first time in … Read more

Bargain Dishwashers Not Worth The Price

When your dishwasher finally calls it quits, shopping for a new one can be a hassle. With countless options, models, and sizes to choose from, finding a great dishwasher takes time. Unfortunately, it also takes a lot of cash. Today, the most reliable dishwashers range from about $950 to $1200. But there are a few … Read more

Give Your Kitchen A Budget-Friendly Update

Updating your kitchen is easier – and more affordable – than you might think. Cheryl Hamilton-Gray of Hamilton-Gray Design shared her steps for modernizing an outdated kitchen on a budget. Picking the right pieces was key for Hamilton-Gray. She headed to IKEA for affordable cabinets in sleek, solid colors. The cabinets’ price tag wasn’t the only … Read more

Safe to Purchase Appliances Online?

The final holidays of the year are approaching very quickly, and with them grow the shopping lists and credit card balances. If you’re the kind of person that does all holiday shopping online, there’s a few things to know before you hand off your credit card number to a website. But more specifically, the question … Read more

Fridge Features Worth the Money

Buying a fridge, or any appliance for that matter, is an investment. However you can decide how much you want to invest in the appliance you’re purchasing, however much you put toward the fridge of your choice is how much you’ll get out of it, so sometime shelling out the big bucks is worth it … Read more

LG Patents Wine Fridge

It should come as no shock that LG has come out with a wine refrigerator, after all, we’re talking about the same company that made a smartphone controlled oven. But it doesn’t stop at keeping wine cool for LG, the USPTO filing of their new wine fridge also describes a “mobile terminal” (portable kiosk) including a … Read more