No More Stolen Food or Wasted Space

No More Stolen Food or Wasted Space
Here’s a whole new take to refrigeration we haven’t seen before. It’s perfect for those of you that live with roommates, or families in which you have to label certain food item with your name and, “Mine! Don’t eat!!” written all over it. Electrolux is calling this creation NFridge. It is an eco-friendly, modular compartment cooling system that uses magnetic refrigeration to keep your food fresh. In English – it’s a refrigeration system made up of mini stackable individual refrigerators that can cool items faster and more efficiently than common refrigerator while at the same time being more eco-friendly too.
So why is this fridge so different and cool? Beside obvious reasons why it’s cool, Electrolux wanted to create a refrigerator that allowed you to place foods of the same category in different compartments, thus reducing the chances of contamination. We like the separate containers too because it makes separating your food from your roommate’s or siblings food, oh so easy! Technologically speaking, we love this fridge because it only uses energy when and where it’s needed. If one of the compartments isn’t being used, then energy isn’t being delivered there either. The compartment is only there for appearance at that point. Lastly, NFridge is so cool because modularity provides for a smart use of space. If you have limited space, like an in an apartment or college dorm, you can change around the way you stack and arrange the compartments. Electrolux hasn’t put the NFridge on the market yet, but they’ve definitely given us a glance into the future. We’re excited to see what they come up with next, but until then, we’ll stick to fixing your good old fashioned (in today’s age is technologically advanced) broken appliances.
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