The Most Specific Kitchen Gadgets Around

Kitchen appliances and gadgets can make creating meals a whole lot easier. Special coffee makers, knives, and even blenders can change the way you cook a meal.

But can kitchen gadgets and devices get too specific? Here are a few gadgets that may be a be a bit too helpful:

If you’ve ever wanted to eat corn on the cob without actually eating it off the cob, check out the corn kernel remover. Chefs won’t have to worry about slicing up corn ever again.


Need a mold for your baked goods? With this grill-like appliance, you can create pies, corn dogs, churros, fortune cookies, or even quesadillas.


For homeowners who love to eat curly fries, there’s a gadget that will turn boring old potatoes into curly fries. You won’t need to hit the fast food drive through again.


And finally, if you’re a fan of hot dogs, check out this hot dog toaster. Forget the microwave – now, you can cook a hot dog and toast buns simultaneously.


First seen @gizmodo.com

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