New Refrigerators Offer Hot And Cold Water

GE-hot-water-thumb-240xauto-4329Getting a cool glass of water filled with floating ice cubes from your refrigerator is nothing new. But the latest fridges have something different to offer: steaming hot water.

At this week’s International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, appliance manufacturing giant GE introduced a refrigerator that offers users both cold and hot water. The new Cafe French-door fridge dispenses steaming hot water right from its double doors – no boiling or microwaving required.

The water and ice dispensing mechanism inside the refrigerator door takes only minutes to heat 10 ounces of water. Users can choose from four different “hot” temperatures that encompass everything from lukewarm to almost boiling.

Hot water isn’t the only new addition to GE’s Cafe fridge. The water dispenser is also larger than normal, making it easy for households to fill up pitchers, vases, and other large containers. There’s also an advanced water filtration system hidden in the refrigerator door that removes contaminants like pharmaceuticals and lead.

GE’s hot water fridge is sure to make kitchen life a little easier for households everywhere. Whether you have a brand new, hot water-dispensing refrigerator or want to keep your current appliances working in their best condition, contact Allen & Sons for all your appliance repair needs.

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