The Refrigerator Couch: One Chill Seat

The Refrigerator Couch: One Chill Seat The Refrigerator Couch: One Chill Seat

Canadian designer Adrian Johnson has taken creativity to a whole new level with his Fridge Couch, a combination of retro refrigerators and rescued junkyard car seats. His mission was to “go where recycling hasn’t gone before,” and that’s certainly something he accomplished with this. Looking to create something special for his wedding reception, his inspiration came to him when the 34-year-old Johnson in a scrapyard  spotted a beautiful cherry red BMW seat, in almost new conditions.  He also found a green 1970’s fridge and the creation took shape. With a little convincing the seat fit almost perfectly into the green refrigerator. He created a beautiful couch for his wedding reception and was off on  a new business venture.

Johnson now collects old refrigerators and seats which he puts in storage for later use. After carefully selecting a car seat, he then begins a search for the perfect refrigerator to fit the look, creating beautiful handcrafted masterpieces. Johnson explains that refrigerators and car seats are heavy, non-reusable products and that too much energy goes into recycling and melting them down. With his concept they go from being discarded items to artwork.

He leaves us with one thought, “I want people to see the creative value in reusing, rather than buying new from the store, which contributes to our massive waste problem.” Give us a call at Allen & Sons if your refrigerator is giving you trouble. We would rather fix it for you than have you buy a new one or better yet handing it over to Adrian Johnson to make a couch out of it.

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