Refrigeration… Minus the Refrigerator

Korean designer Jihyun Ryou has taken a deep delve into the history and art of refrigeration. With adequate research she discovered a way to refrigerate food without the use of an actual refrigerator. Why might she want to do this? Aside from the eco-friendly benefits, the constant question in her mind was how people used to refrigerate before fridges came about. Most of us have a basic knowledge that all foods are different and therefore require different storage. But even the best refrigerators can’t create the ideal environment for each kind of food (crisper drawers included). The coldness of the refrigerator usually ends up damaging plant cells and changing the texture and consistency of foods. With that in mind, how is it that Ryou was able to successfully keep certain foods without refrigeration? First she found the veggies like the eggplant, cucumbers, and bell peppers just need to be kept humid, not cold. Therefore she placed them over a thin tub of water. Foods like leeks and carrots that grow vertically are usually stored horizontally, which causes them to lose energy. Ryou creates a place to store these vertically and with sand so they will keep longer and stay humid.  Then she realized that apples emit ethylene gas which speeds up the ripening process of fruits and veggies that are kept together with apples. But apples have the opposite effect on potatoes, they slow down the ripening process of potatoes. She then creates a storage space where she can combine apples and potatoes to keep both in good condition.
We love how eco-friendly Jihyun Ryou and other designers are becoming. If this is a kind of refrigeration you might consider, we congratulate you. But if you choose to stick to using your good old fashion refrigerator (which is also fine!) and it isn’t working properly, call Allen & Sons. It’s much more efficient to fix your refrigerator problem than to buy a new fridge.

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