Panasonic Debuts 2-In-1 Clothing Steamer

imagesIf you’re someone who always has clothes in need of steaming, Panasonic has developed the perfect household appliance for you.

This week, the electronics company revealed its new NI-FS900 2-in-1 Garment Steamer. The appliance offers owners a way to quickly remove wrinkles without setting up their ironing board. With a high temperature steam and unique iron head design, Panasonic’s steamer helps you unwrinkled your clothes easily.

Nicholas Monaco, Panasonic’s Product Manager, Small Appliances said about the steamer: “Panasonic has combined the power of a steamer with the power of an iron head for our new 2-in-1 Garment Steamer. Panasonic is dedicated to enhancing the consumer experience when they choose to use our home appliance products. By combining the top qualities of both an iron and a traditional garment steamer, we are creating a powerful hybrid that serves multiple purposes for the consumer.”

Consumers can choose to use the Garment Steamer either as a traditional vertical steamer or as a traditional iron. The appliance offers flexibility and allows for either horizontal or vertical steaming. Sleeves and collars won’t be a tricky task anymore, thanks to the unique iron head design.

Unlike most garment steamers, which produce heat in the base and require steam to move up to the head, Panasonic’s model uses an innovative water pump. This addition prevents steam cooling, inconsistent flow of steam, frequent water leakage and mild temperatures. The iron head heats up to 200 degree F temperature, making it extra effective at removing wrinkles.

Panasonic has yet to determine a retail price for the Garment Steamer, but the company announced it will be available in June of 2013.

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