Service Professionals Profile: Alexander Collins of Allen and Sons Appliance

Alexander Collins, of Allen and Sons Appliance, Los Angeles, California (You can view the original article here) The Whirlpool Service Network consists of a wide variety of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and stories. This article focuses on Alexander Collins of Allen and Sons Appliance, located in Los Angeles, California. It offers a nice lesson … Read more

Don’t Buy New: An Appliance Repair Service Can Save You Money

With regular maintenance and quality appliance repair, your home appliances will last longer and perform better, which can save you plenty of money in new appliance costs. A quality appliance repair company that guarantees their work will cover all of your appliances, from washers and dryers to refrigerators. To find out how appliance repairs can … Read more

Why You Don’t Have to Give Up Convenience When Your Appliances go Haywire

With a few button presses and pre-programmed settings, modern appliances do an amazing amount of work. When one of these appliances encounters a problem, it isn’t always as simple as older machines. In fact, the problem may not be readily apparent. In times like these, a qualified appliance repair specialist can take the headache out … Read more