Maytag and MLB contest

Maytag Teaming up with MLB

Maytag and MLB contestAt first, a partnership between Major League Baseball and washing machine maker Maytag seems incongruous. What could pitches, catches and sliding into home plate possibly have to do with front loaders, tubs and agitators?

One has only to be the parent or partner of an athlete to quickly realize the connection. Inextricably linked to sports in general, and baseball in particular, is dirt. We’re talking about the ground-in variety that blackens uniforms and can seem nearly impossible to clean away. Combine that with grass and sweat stains, and it becomes abundantly clear that having a high-quality washing machine, that needs minimal Maytag repairs, can be a real lifesaver.

That’s where home appliance manufacturer Maytag comes in. To celebrate all of the hard work, determination, and yes, dirt that goes hand in hand with America’s favorite pastime, Maytag is joining with Major League Baseball to sponsor a national contest that could send a lucky winner to the 2015 World Series.

In preparation, MLB and Maytag recently started a “Filthiest Plays of the Week” campaign highlighting the top dirt and grime-producing incidents in pro games. Fans are front and center, given the opportunity to vote on the plays that produced the filthiest uniforms. In addition, baseball lovers are encouraged to upload photos stemming from their own local athletic experiences with the hashtag, #MyFilthiestPlay on Twitter and Instagram. Every week, judges will select the photo that shows the most filth, grit, power and style. The winner will receive prizes and be placed in a drawing for a trip for four to a 2015 World Series game as well as a Maytag top load washer and dryer.

This partnership between Major League Baseball and Maytag promises to cause quite a stir as the baseball season progresses. As fans capture the images of their Little League and recreational games and share them on social media, their love of fun and baseball will come to the fore. Through it all, they will come to see that they can count on the quality and reliability of Maytag appliances to remove even the most stubborn, ground-in, sports-related stains. With MLB and Maytag on the same team, it’s sure to be a grand slam!

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