Looking for a Job in the San Fernando Valley Area?

Looking for a Job in the San Fernando Valley Area?As President of the United States has already mentioned, the job market will start growing soon… Although he was talking about government jobs mostly, it  looks like MyApplianceService.com team is working hard on his promise, as well!

Jokes aside, yes, we really are looking to hire more customer service representatives to work in our Canoga Park office.  We start our dispatchers with $9.00/hour and raise compensation over time (based on candidate’s proven experience, dedication, and  goal-orientation).

Here is the original job posting:

MyApplianceService.com is one of the largest appliance repair companies in Los Angeles County. We provide in-home service for all makes and models of major appliances, we have a busy office, and we offer much room for growth to the individuals who can dedicate their time to commit to excellent service.

We are looking for a motivated, well-tempered, soft-spoken, Internet-savvy individual (previous Customer Service Experience is plus), who is willing to accommodate both the customers and the company needs in order to maintain our good reputation.

  • Your resume should reflect previous customer service -related experience
  • Experience with the Appliance Service industry is a plus, but is not necessary.
  • Perfect candidate must have excellent phone/communication skills, be responsible, and have a “can do” attitude.

Please e-mail your resume with proper contact information to hiring@myapplianceservice.com.  Make sure to have “Attention HR” in the subject line.

Compensation will vary, depending on candidate’s skills and professionalism.

$9.00/hour — _______ (full or part time)
Your duties will include:

1) Prompt communication between customer needs and management.
2) Following up with customers.
3) Multitasking in a busy work environment (working under pressure).

4) Minor office work (a little bit of filing, scanning, faxing, etc.).

Work schedule may vary, this is why we prefer our perfect candidate to live no further than 15 miles away from the office and have a transportation of their own.


Now, in order for us to know that you are an actual human being, please do us a favor and answer these simple questions in your e-mail.  Thank you and good luck!

  1. What is 5 + 5 * 5?
  2. What is the title of the last book that you have read?
  3. Who is your favorite actor/actress?

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