New Italian Microwave Does It All

originalThe microwave is a household necessity. The convenience of making a quick dinner, defrosting frozen goods, and even heating water all rely on the microwave. What more could we ask for?

Italian appliance maker Ariete recently introduced a completely new kind of microwave. In fact, their microwave is so innovative, it takes convenient and fast cooking to a whole new level.

Ariete’s microwave is a 4-in-1 kitchen genius. The small, stainless steel appliance is a microwave, grill, toaster oven, and breadmaker. Forget heating up leftovers – you can make an entire meal and bread to go with it in just one simple appliance.

The microwave offers a 25-liter cooking capacity and 10 easy-to-use presets. There’s even a child lock to keep little chefs from burning themselves. It’ll also save a lot of counterspace in small kitchens, as it cuts down on the number of other appliances needed.

But perhaps the most surprising feature of this incredible microwave is its price. At only $170, the appliance gives consumers four different kitchen necessities for the price of one.

Would you give the Ariete microwave-girll-toaster oven-breadmaker a try? Whether you own an appliance that does it all or not, Allen & Sons can keep help you keep your appliances working.

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