The Intimacy of Your Fridge

As a photographer traveling around the world, Stephanie de Rouge became fascinated by big cities. She wondered how exactly people in these big cities kept their sense of self, how they maintained intimacy when their surroundings were so invasive and exciting, and sometimes even hostile. She began photographing people in their most intimate surroundings (or so she thought) – their rooms. Unable to capture the essence of intimacy, Stephanie wandered over to a refrigerator for some juice and was fascinated by what she saw when she looked inside a stranger’s fridge. She began opening more and more fridges and every time she did, she learned more and more about that person. Her creativity and thirst to capture intimacy in a big city lead her to look inside refrigerators for an answer, and she found it. Stephanie’s right though, you can learn a lot about a person by looking inside their refrigerator. We’ve noticed that much from the countless refrigerators we’ve repaired. Give us a call if you’re having any trouble with your fridge. Don’t worry, we don’t judge what you’ve been keeping in your refrigerator – we just care if it is working or not.

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The Intimacy of Your Fridge    The Intimacy of Your Fridge

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