Home Appliances And Gadgets Headed For Extinction

slide_283772_2168531_freeChefs and homeowners around the world have always looked for ways to make life around the house a little easier, cleaner, and smoother. Over the decades, countless gadgets and appliances have appeared and become beloved household items: toasters, microwaves, blenders, and so many more.

But not all home appliances stick around. Some gadgets do nothing more than take up space – and others quickly become outdated.

Here are two home appliances and gadgets that are currently headed for extinction:

Top loading washing machines: front-loading machines have become the latest and greatest style for laundry appliances. They’re more popular and easier to take clothes out of than the old top loaders – and it’s becoming more difficult to find top loading machines in stores.

Stovetop espresso makers: From the Keurig to the Nespresso, consumers now have a variety of fast and easy ways to prepare their coffee. Stovetop espresso makers are slower, heavier, and more time consuming. Who wants to use the stove when you can simply press a button?

Do you still use either of these appliances? No matter what kind of washing machine or stove you have, Allen & Sons can keep your home appliances in their best working condition.

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