Back to the Future… in a Refrigerator

Back to the Future... in a Refrigerator

It has been over 20 years since Steven Spielberg has shaken the world with his DeLorean Time Machine. Imagine how shocking it was for me to find out that the car was not even the original time transportation device considered by the movie makers! As I have learned just yesterday, the actual idea was to make a time machine out of a REFRIGERATOR. Yeah! No, seriously, the mechanism was supposed to be attached to a refrigerator and taken to an atomic bomb test site.

Of course, the plan was later disapproved by Steven Spielberg who was afraid that inventive children would try climbing into their home refrigerators, which could be pretty dangerous. Yet, as interesting as it could get, I wonder if Back to the Future artists were considering something similar to SubZero machines for their purposes… I meant, those run in comfortably large sizes, have 2 compressors, and are nice-looking, too… I can see the main character flying one of those all the way to the past. And I am sure everyone in the past would be highly impressed by that stainless steel, to say the least… Or a French-Door alternative could have worked, as well… No, actually, it would not – it has too many doors and sections inside. Anyway, I think the movie could still be filmed as planned, as long as the time machine was not made out of a smaller apartment-style fridge – it could be a bit too painful for such long-distance traveling.

On the other hand, who would be fixing the time machine has it gone out of order some 200 years ago? Allen and Sons Appliance Repair Service were not even there yet (not until 1970’s). However, we are here today, so do not hesitate to contact us in case your machine is not being cold enough.

Additional information about the movie may be found here.

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