New Fridge Makes Opening Doors Even Easier

originalIf you hate grabbing your refrigerator’s door handles with dirty, sticky hands, there’s a new fridge on the market that can help.

The Vegeta line by Toshiba is revolutionizing the way refrigerators open. Rather than using handles to pull open one (or both) of the appliance’s doors, Vegeta refrigerators use only a button. One touch from any part of your body will open the refrigerator.

Though it might seem like a simple vanity update, the genius of Toshiba’s new touch-open refrigerators is in their simplicity. Now, when your hands are covered in the ingredients of your latest recipe, you can grab items from the fridge with ease. One little tap will pop the door open for you – and you won’t have to clean the door afterwards.

The tap-to-open feature isn’t the only thing the Vegeta line has to offer. Toshiba has created a system inside the fridge that’s designed to keep your vegetables fresh. The built-in deodorizer neutralizes ethylene gas to slow ripening.

Currently, the Vegeta line is only available in Japan. The fridges come in varying sizes and retail from $2,700 to $3,500.

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