Dishwashing Bookcase

Dishwashing BookcaseDishwashing Bookcase
If you’re anything like me, loading and unloading the dishwasher can become somewhat of a begrudging task. But what if there was no need to load and unload? An all new prototype design for dishwashers was recently released by Marie-Christine Lacasse and Marie Claude Savard at the University of Quebec. The design is bookcase inspired and essentially allows you to store and clean your plates at the same time. The only effort needed on your part is to load the dirty dishes onto the shelve, then the washer travels from one side of the case to the other, cleaning plates as it goes. Once it’s finished, there is no need to unload the clean dishes as the washer makes for beautiful dish storage as well. The idea is still being fine tuned but we love the idea of simplifying the dishwashing process.
Although Allen & Sons can’t help with fixing broken bookcases, we can definitely help you out if your bookcase inspired dishwasher decides not to work. Make sure to call us if any of your appliances are causing you headaches. We will be right over to fix it.

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