A Dishwasher We Look Forward To Using

A Dishwasher We Look Forward To Using
Washing dishes isn’t something we do because it makes us happy, and it certainly isn’t something we look forward to. That’s why Electrolux has designed two new concepts for dishwashing that we’re excited to try out because they might just change the way we feel about dishwashing.
The first dishwasher is actually built into your sink. Electrolux calls it Pure Washer. It works as a rotating sink/dishwasher. Only one sink is exposed at a time, while the other sink rotates under the counter. While being under the counter, the dishes are washed using degassed water, which means no detergents is necessary. If that isn’t cool enough, Electrolux went the extra mile to include a cycle that washes fruits and vegetables too.
The second dishwasher is waterless, hence it’s name Rockpool Waterless Dishwasher. Instead of water and chemicals, it uses super critical carbon dioxide in a closed loop system – in other words, the carbon dioxide is pressurized into a liquid form and then reused in every cycle. But how does that clean dishes? The carbon dioxide contains excellent grease and oil fighting properties, which when combined with a minimal amount of environmentally friendly detergent, can get dishes in sparkling condition. When the wash is done, the carbon dioxide and dirt are separated so the carbon dioxide can be reused in the next wash.
Both of these ideas can save us a significant amount of money, wether it be because you don’t need detergent or because the dishwasher doesn’t use water. We also enjoy the fact that the dishwashers are environmentally focused and they make the task of washing dishes almost enjoyable. Allen & Sons would love to take a look at your dishwasher if something isn’t working properly. Give us a call and we’ll be right over to repair your broken appliances.
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