Designs for Washer and Driers

Designs for Washer and Driers
Here at Allen & Sons we celebrate and envy well built appliances. One of the things we enjoy most about fixing your broken appliances is seeing how creative people have become. We’ve seen it all, from retro inspired refrigerators to fridge frames, chalkboard painted appliances and purple washer and driers.
Unfortunately laundry is inevitable, and while it can be quite boring sometimes, Korean companies like LG and Samsung have found a way to spruce things up. Kenmore made quite an impact when it released its HE4t washer and drier combo, which came in colors like Pacific Blue, Sedona, and Champagne. But now we’re seeing cool patterns and designs, not just bright colors. It’s a great way to add some fun pop and energy to an otherwise hidden appliance in your home – the laundry room. While it is great to see that the out side of these washing machines are starting to get some more aesthetic appeal it is always more important to keep the inside spinning properly – after all what good is it if your washing machine doesn’t clean your clothes?

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