Cool: Floating Washer

Cool: Floating Washer
A common trend amongst up and coming appliances seems to be either eco-friendly or energy efficiency. Here’s a new washing machine that uses neither water nor soap to clean your dirty laundry, and it’s silent. The Orbit, created by Electrolux, uses dry ice.
The large ring on the outside is filled with batteries which conduct an electrical current. The sphere is made of superconductive metal which is dropped to an extremely low temperature and is able to float within the ring when the resistivity drops to zero. The sphere also holds your dirty laundry and that’s where all the magic happens.
Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide but goes straight from being a solid to a gas (time to think back to high school chemistry). The dry ice is fired at your dirty laundry and reacts with grease and dirt to remove the stains. Once the grease and dirt has been separated from your clothing, it is filtered into a tube, leaving behind spotless clothing. The carbon dioxide gas is sucked up and returns to a solid form (dry ice).
Because The Orbit is purely an instantaneous chemical reaction, the time it takes to clean your clothing is considerably short. And because there’s no water involved, that annoying sloshing sound is a thing of the past.
Orbit requires the occasional maintenance to remove the isolated dirt. The batteries in the ring recharge themselves and the dry ice doesn’t need to be replaced because it runs on a closed circuit system.
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