Clothing that Cleans the Earth!

Try this on for size… smarty pants Researchers at the University of Sheffield are toiling away at creating a laundry detergent solution that when used to wash your dirty cloths will then scrub the toxins from our polluted planet when you wear them out.

What an amazing concept… and role-reversal — you can now clean the skies that we normally pollute. The Researchers are calling this new nano-cleaning technology ‘Catclo’ – which sounds more like a cleaning product for your favorite cat. However this new cleaning solution sounds like it will do a lot of good. The Researchers are quoted as saying “One person wearing clothes treated with CatClo would be able to remove around 5g of nitrogen oxides from the air in the course of an average day – roughly equivalent to the amount produced each day by the average family car.”

Very Cool! If you need your Washing machine fixed so you can stay hygienically clean — give Allen & Sons a call!

For more on this amazingly cool earth cleaning solution check out the original article seen @TreeHugger

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